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E-Learning- Update

We are working with a lot of different technologies at South School to support the learning that students are doing. It is vital that the new technologies we use do not become ‘the learning’ but rather assist in the learning activities that take place.

We will continue to work throughout the year with a Ministry of Education facilitator to strengthen our teacher knowledge and use of a variety of technologies for learning. We have recently purchased a number of flat screen TVs for trialling - great image quality not affected so much by outside light. Ipads are used in our library for reading, for reading support programmes and a number are in classroom general use now.

Multiple laptops will replace our two desktops in each classroom as they need replacing. We are aware of making sure that as a board of trustees and teaching staff that our funds are used to bring about the best outcomes for kids.

Shawn Gielen, Principal

Activities, Sports and Notices