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2017 Gala

Paint Ball action, talent quest entertainment and great food all made for a fun Gala. An impressive $18,000 profit was made from our efforts.

A huge thank you to Rachel Rabart, Sara Aymes, Bev Watts, Jody van der Hoek and Ann Easter, our Gala Committee, BOT, teachers, parents and students for all the hard work put in. Huge thanks also goes out to our 124 sponsors of which 48 gave $100 or more in cash or products and services.

Proof, once again of what a generous, supportive community this is! Congratulation to Room 4 for taking out the $100 cash prize in the points competition for items donated to the hall, with Rooms 7 and 11 runners up receiving a Moosie for their efforts.

Shawn Gielen, Principal